Michelin in control of Formula One – lets hope not!

The FIA gave Michelin and the 7 teams several options, as outlined in the letter from the FIA to Michelin, that would enable them to race on Sunday at the US Grand Prix Formula One race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Did they race with these options — No, they even made matters worse by lining up on the grid and taking the warm-up lap. Michelin clearly brought faulty, unsafe tires to the race. Instead of asking the 7 teams to drive slower through turn 13 or change tires every 10 laps, Michelin and the 7 teams asked for the race track to be changed. This change would have made the 7 teams running with Michelin tires more competitive and Ferrari and the other two Bridgestone teams potentially less competitive.

Can you imagine going to an Olympic downhill skiing event where two-thirds of the entries brought the wrong equipment and asked that the course be changed from a downhill to a giant slalom so they could be more competitive. Can you image the 24 hours of Daytona changed to the 20 hours of Daytona because two thirds of the teams brought cars whose engines would not last the entire race. 7 teams came to the US Grand Prix with faulty equipment and wanted the rules changed to accommodate Michelin’s mistake. What arrogance!

Now Michelin are blaming the FIA for the aborted race by not changing the track and adding a chicane before turn 13. Again what arrogance! This is about PR and politics — not racing as a sport. I blame the 7 teams for being bullied by their tire manufacturer and Michelin for having the arrogance to believe they have so much control.

You won’t see me buying Michelin tires for my current car or any future cars I may purchase.

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