Richard has built successful companies and brands in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), mobile applications, remote access, online media, entertainment, advertising and software. His track record spans iconic brands such as Automation Anywhere, Nokia, Oracle, Slashdot, SourceForge and ThinkGeek. His acumen in providing B2B and B2C technology market strategies that have generated solid revenues/profits for multinationals and startups.

As an Executive Leader, Richard’s core value proposition is enterprise-wide transformation. He’s focused on where we want to go, how to get there, and what corporate infrastructure we’ll need to make that happen. He’s passionate about building the critical processes and infrastructure that effectively balance the need to support rapid growth and efficient scalability—and deliver real ROI—without overburdening the enterprise or making a growing organization overly process-heavy.

Business transformation is much more than a matter of techniques, processes, or infrastructure strategies. Transformation is primarily a matter of getting the right people in the right jobs, and letting those people work creatively to drive rapid growth. That’s why, to transform the enterprise, we first need build a committed, talented culture of empowerment, learning, and risk taking. Throughout his career, Richard has worked closely with his C-level executive peers to ensure that we hire people who can work with us—rather than work for us. Richard creates hiring processes that bring in strong, talented, committed candidates who aren’t afraid to take risks, try something new, build something new. That adds value across every aspect of the enterprise—while enabling senior leadership to focus on critical, strategic decision making.

In addition, Richard’s experience is genuinely global. He’s led teams across Europe, including Germany, Italy, France, the UK—as well as Japan, India, and Israel. He knows how to transcend borders and cultures, and overcome the often unconscious misconceptions that can sideline the important work of multinational teams. This ability has ensured that his teams are focused on getting the job done—without getting lost in cultural minutiae and miscommunication. Finally, Richard is enthusiastic about the business of technology, and leverage leading-edge solutions and methodologies to help grow business, create repeatable processes, and ensure both growth and sustainability.

He received his Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada.