Nokia N78 Automatic Home Sync & This DLNA stuff really works!

A few weeks ago I decided to test out the new Automatic Home Sync feature of the Nokia N78, after all one of the businesses I’m responsible for at Nokia is “Connected Home”. So I setup the N78 home media to work with the connected home demo system we have in the San Francisco office, clicked on Home Sync on my mobile and left the N78 at my desk for about 10 mins. When I picked it up I had over 200 songs and fifty photos — all synced wirelessly.

When I left the office later that day, I used the N78 to take a few photos. Next day, as I walked into the office, the photos were automatically synced wirelessly to the PC used in our demo. Within 30 minutes one of my colleagues was looking at them on the DLNA enabled TV. This UPnP/DLNA stuff really works.

If you would like to see the two and a half minute tutorial video about Nokia’s home sync – click below.